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We are a company with long experience and a broad expertise

This is us

We are a painting company with a focus on major painting contracts in maintenance work of, among other things, production premises and industrial premises. Our assignments in industrial painting include e.g. anti-corrosion painting, building painting, line painting and blasting.

What we do

We work with great flexibility, short lead times and high capacity. We look after customers’ wishes and offer complete solutions in industrial painting. We have a long solid experience and broad knowledge in the industry. Do not hesitate to contact us when you need help with painting industrial premises, offices or other large assignments in painting!

We’re multi-taskers and we stand for that

It’s may be that it’s not very good to be good at many things. Ideally, you should be a specialist in one thing. In that case, we are specialists in being good at many different things.

We were going to explain what we mean in this brochure. When you have finished reading, we hope that you pick up the phone or send an email asking us to come over and explain in more detail how we

You may think it sounds too good to be true. Can a single contact and contractor really be enough to solve so many different problems? Yes, we are convinced of that.

As little disruption as possible

Basically, we are all painters. TPM Industrimålning – our name spells out quite well what we work with. Rust protection and painting of industrial halls are the basis of our business. But perhaps the most important pillars in everything we do is that the work must be carried out with the least possible impact on the environment, with high quality requirements and with the least possible disruption to the business being conducted. This means that we constantly work with environmental and quality assurance. But it also means that we have developed our own routines and working methods.

Our Services

We handle everything from industrial halls to office premises and more.

About us

Professional company with qualitative results.

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January 2021

We have a contract with Nordec former Ruukki regarding painting 8000 tons of steel in Bålsta starting about week 4

After 1.5 years of work for YIT at the treatment plant Henriksdal Stockholm, we continue with stage 2 starting approx. week 5

Peab signs a contract with Stockholm water a project that extends 4 years ahead and we are a supplier of painting and coatings in pools etc. in the treatment plant Henriksdal

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