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Our CSR-work

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility which for the TPM-Group includes the enterprise actions in regards to environmental, social and economic aspects. The company’s liability concerns all stakeholders: From shareholders to customers, authorities and other operators concerned, but none the less towards the rest of the society and the world outside of the company.

TPM’s social responsibility is based on creating a value in everything we do that will benefit both ourselves and stakeholders in our surrounding. Since the work we do sometimes leave a certain amount of impact on the nature, we believe it is crucial to take a step toward a more responsible and sustainable enterprise. Therefore, we look to continually set a high standard in ourselves and our suppliers concerning safety and environmental awareness- By being observant to lesser efficient operations in our business, we may work out a solution that could save energy, money and reduce the impact on the environment. The main goal is to run a profitable business in a way that is environmentally sustainable and which the society in general can take benefit from.

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