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Quality Policy

TPM Industrimålning AB shall deliver goods and services according to agreed specifications and verbal agreements. Deliveries of the ordered services and products are to be managed effectively and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

We will continually educate all of our staff members in order to maintain the high standard that currently exists among employees and management. The company’s quality system shall be fully followed up with continuous controls and measurements.

Ambiguities in specifications and contracts must be promptly discussed with the client/customer. Internal controls and documentation will give the customer the certainty that the ordered products will be delivered in full. The customer will continuously be given information about the project’s ongoing work. Built documentations will be submitted after completion of work.

Built documentation will be submitted once the work has been executed. Every single person who has their livelihood from TPM Industrimålning AB is responsible for that the quality of the work performed is adequate, The site manager is responsible for the work in its entirety on the project he/she leads, a job that the customer will be more than happy with.

Furthermore, there are the following ambitions within the company:

  • To always follow the laws and other requirements.
  • To constantly have a dialogue about environmental issues, both in- and external.
  • To continuously evaluate suppliers and subcontractors.
  • To always recommend the least hazardous product for each project (exchange rule acc. law on chemical products).
  • Internal controls and documentation should provide the customer with certainty that the ordered product delivered as agreed.
  • The company’s quality system should be followed by continuous monitoring and follow up.
  • Relationship/quality documents handed over to customers after completion of the work in digital or paper form by the customer.

This means that:

  • We seek long-term relationships with our customers.
  • We are constantly working on developing products and processes in our system.
  • We strive toward a 0-errors principle in all commitments to customers and suppliers.
  • Behave honestly and seriously with customers and other stakeholders.

This is achieved by:

  • Having well trained, committed and flexible employees who know the importance of their efforts for the environment and quality.
  • Set and monitor the environmental- and quality goals.
  • To be responsive to customer’s requests and needs.

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