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The company was founded in 1978 and focused at the time toward traffic and parking (målning) painting, which also was the original name of “TPM”. TPM Industrimålning AB however, was not formed until 4 years later in 1982, now in the ownership of the new CEO Gösta Hägneby, and with the modern slogan “Technical Protective Management”. 11 years later, still we can see a clear development in the company, when it for the first time undertook a job regarding corrosive protection. This is where TPM began to broaden its market and since then we have not held back. The organization has had its time over the years to reach new levels of the business world, since it started in a garage in one of Gävle’s smaller districts. From having basically nothing more than a van and two employees, TPM can today be recognized as one of the leading companies in commitments of painting contractors.

Today we are much more than just a painting business; we are a solution in the industrial contracting world. We believe that many problems can be solved by contacting the right entrepreneur.” 
– Gösta Hägneby, CEO

TPM Industrimålning AB
Utmarksvägen 25
802 91 GÄVLE

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