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TPM obtains the highest creditability with triple A by Soliditet AB, which means that the Group has a stable economy through the ownership of TPM Förvaltning and safeguards serious business. Furthermore, the corporation holds a valid certification in corrosive protection painting from Auktorisation för Rostskydd, and TPM will in April 2016 also certify itself for ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 intended for quality- and environmental assurance. We want to ensure our customers and employees that TPM is a company that has a solid foundation and a desire to always try to get better, everything to achieve qualitative results and strengthen long-term relationships with our partners. Doing business with TPM means that you are dealing with a credited and safely contractor.

TPM Industrimålning AB
Utmarksvägen 25
802 91 GÄVLE

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